Season 2, Ep. 1 | Before You Say a Word Pt 1

podcast Feb 09, 2021

 Welcome to Season 2 of the Side by Side Podcast! Our theme for this season is “Conversations that Matter.” Being a great leader means attending to two things: leading self and leading others. Without great self-leadership, we’ll never lead others well. In this two-part episode, co-hosts Annie & Heidi talk about how to prepare for a difficult conversation by leading yourself well. With the right preparation steps, your difficult conversation might be easier than you think! 

You don’t want to miss:


  • Why self-leadership is so important and what to be aware of heading into a difficult conversation.
  • How to notice what’s going on in your inner world so you can choose your outer world actions. 
  • How to choose which conversations you have and which people-problems you don’t need to fix. 
  • The best ways to lead yourself out of the negative loop that plays in your head as you think about these conversations.
  • Why it’s important to have strong relationships to navigate these conversations well - and what to do if you don’t. 

PLUS, the one thing you can do to reduce the physical symptoms that arise when you’re prepping for or thinking about a difficult conversation. 

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