Ep. 7 | Connecting Vision to Action

podcast Oct 13, 2020

What’s your first instinct when when you hear the word “strategy?” Do you jump up and down with excitement or sprint in the opposite direction? In ministry, we sometimes forget that great vision always needs a great strategy. We can’t maximize our missional impact without having a plan to do it. In this episode, we’re talking with exceptional strategist, Jennifer Fuller, to learn how to connect strategy to action and how leaders in ministry can be strategic, even if it’s not a natural talent.  


You don’t want to miss:

  • What the church can learn from the corporate world (spoiler alert: you don’t have to sacrifice relationships!) 
  • How language can make or break your ability to be strategic with your teams.
  • How to infuse strategy to your team if you don’t have Strategy in your top list of strengths.
  • A simple framework for leading your team in strategic planning - and the best timeline to use for success.
  • The biggest barrier that stops leaders from creating strategy for their teams. 

PLUS, the one thing you can do today to make strategy work for you and those you lead! 

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