Ep. 38 | Connect With God Your Way

podcast May 18, 2021

When life gets busy, pressures turn up and we need God the most, but sometimes that's when He often seems farther away. Our answer can be to try harder to do the right spiritual disciplines. What if, instead, God actually designed us to connect with Him in unique ways that are more meaningful for us and for Him? In this episode, co-hosts Heidi Zwart and Annie Perdue-Olson combine personal stories and practical strategies for how to connect with God in your own unique way. 

You don’t want to miss:

  • Living your strengths applies to both your leadership growth and your spiritual growth
  • Leading from the overflow of a full cup, not from our emptiness or checking boxes
  • Why it is so important for leaders to tend to their soul by connecting to God
  • Four Myers Briggs preference combinations that shed light on how we connect to God
  • The freedom to connect with God your way instead of your neighbor’s way
  • Finding peace in your soul that comes from connecting with God your way

PLUS, many practical and creative ideas to make your connecting time with God uniquely meaningful to you.


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Annie & Heidi


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Books to Read

Living Your Strengths, Don Clifton

Soul Types, Jane Kise

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Spiritual Practices to Try!

Lectio Divina

Clearness Committee

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