Ep. 39 | Can Comparison Be Good?

podcast May 25, 2021

Even as kids we have been taught to compare and contrast. It’s actually a necessary and important discernment activity. But, it can get tricky when it becomes the scale by which we measure our success or even unhealthy if it begins to define who we are. In this episode, Annie talks with Amber Cullum, host of Grace Enough Podcast, about what comparison really is and how we can think about it differently to leverage it for good.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Comparing and contrasting are natural ways to relate to our world
  • How our personality influences the ways we fall into the trap of comparison
  • Change the comparison from “don’t do it” to “how can God use this”
  • The two things that tend to happen with comparison and how to turn them around
  • Ways comparison can lead us to mentors that help us grow.
  • Practical tips you can use to assess reality when you are comparing to others

, a heart check tool with three questions you can ask yourself to turn conversation toward Godliness.

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Annie & Heidi


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Article by Abigail Dodds - Comparison is Not the Thief of Joy 

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Instagram: graceenoughpodcast_amber


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