Ep. 16 | Managing Triggers in Ministry

podcast Dec 15, 2020

We are in ministry for good reasons and all the right motivations. Yet, the pressures and demands can sometimes get the better of us. Ignoring unresolved issues can lead you to burn out or lash out. In this episode, we’re talking about ways to manage emotional triggers that can catch us by surprise with the help of Kathy Johnson, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, who works with missionaries and individuals to move toward experiencing a full and free life. 

You don’t want to miss:

  • What really is trauma … it might not be just the big stuff
  • How the busy, crazy life disguises unresolved trauma
  • Ways that memories are stored in our senses
  • The triggers that keep us from being the leader we want to be
  • What to do when we catch ourselves overreacting or experiencing an exaggerated response to a situation

PLUS, five simple-ish ways to manage triggers when they catch you off guard 

  1. Develop your observational self - name it to tame it!
  2. Choose self-compassion - engage the ability to be curious and connect the dots
  3. Deep breathing - (don’t roll your eyes!) It slows the physiology down and sends messages to the brain that we are okay.
  4. Add a big colorful “pause” button to your brain before you react.
  5. Visualize a container to set things aside when you need to and deal with it later without judgement.


Additional links and resources:

Kathy Johnson:  

[email protected]

Links to resources Kathy shared:

Brene Brown:

Kristin Neff:

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