Ep. 3 | Managing Your Mindset

podcast Sep 14, 2020

When faced with a difficult situation or challenging opportunity, how do you react? We come to a situation with our own mindset -- we think our own thoughts. If we think only our own thoughts, we miss out on hearing God's perspective. Let’s find out from Kathleen Fischer how we can manage our mindset more effectively to find better solutions and perspective. 


You don’t want to miss:

  • How to put on the lens that Christ has for us on our problems
  • What happens to perspective in busy or difficult times when “fix-it” mode takes over
  • Our brains naturally go into self-protective mode and narrow perspective
  • Our human tendency is to DO something to fix it and it feels “right” 
  • Learning how to pay attention to the deeper beliefs and feelings that drive perspective
  • Listen into the words you speak to yourself that shape your perspective


PLUS, Kathleen shares a three step process to create a new pattern for gaining Christ’s perspective and questions you can ask yourself and God when your perspective narrows.    

Additional links and resources:

Facebook: @kathleenfischercoaching

Instagram: @christcenteredsuccess


Check out the website for Kathleen’s next Negative Thinking Challenge, launching September 2020 and January 2021


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