Ep. 6 | Navigating Hard Seasons

podcast Oct 06, 2020


Have you been knocked off balance navigating an unexpected or hard season? Are you in one of those moments where you felt grounded, but suddenly lost your footing? Maybe it’s been more like a slow simmer of little things building over time. If you aren’t in it now, you will probably experience it at some point. Get real with co-hosts Annie & Heidi in a discussion about facing the reality of hard seasons and how navigating through them is an ongoing journey.


You don’t want to miss:

  • Recognizing the enemy and his tactics when “hard” gets the better of us
  • How hard things can attack our identity and deplete our energy
  • Our default coping or controlling strategies when we face hard things
  • Noticing how God shows up in our hard seasons in unexpected ways
  • When Jesus shows up in relationships with others and displays His truth and grace
  • Three responses to hard seasons that help us by:
    • Acknowledging the hard season -- revealing the struggle
    • Leaning into Jesus with greater trust in Him and dependence on His will
    • Remembering the spiritual battle and standing up and saying, “Not today!”


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Annie & Heidi



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