Ep. 5 | Permission to Make Mistakes

podcast Sep 29, 2020

 What draws you to a leader and inspires you to follow them? How do you know if you’ve got that as a leader? If you don’t have it yet, how do you get it? In this episode, we’re taking a closer look at ways you can develop that “it-factor” that draws other people toward you with Jeannette Grace, author of G-Factor: 8 Secrets for Increasing Your Gravitational Pull at Work

You don’t want to miss:

  • Deep dive into one of the 8 G-Factors on granting yourself and others permission to make mistakes.
  • It’s human to make mistakes >> we have all done it and we will all do it again. 
    • What does humility look like when we make mistakes? 
    • What does grace look like when others make mistakes?
  • If you are not making a mistake you might be playing it a little safe! 
  • How mistakes can lead to innovation. A big reality right now in the middle of a global pandemic that challenges the way we have always done things!
  • What accountability looks like when your team makes mistakes. 
  • How owning mistakes leads to forgiveness and learning from mistakes.
  • Coaching someone through a mistake with great questions.

It starts with you! Give grace to yourself to learn, grow and enjoy the chaos of mistakes! Trust that something will be beautiful on the other end of mistakes.

Check out your own G-Factor with this assessment:

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