Season 2, Ep. 11 | 3 Kinds of Feedback Everybody Needs

podcast Apr 20, 2021

Over and over we hear that one of the difficult leadership conversations that leader’s would love to avoid is feedback. It’s certainly a complicated one and yet so important to the success of our teams and the people we work with every day. In today’s episode, Annie & Heidi, talk about three types of feedback everybody needs to hear and how to offer it.

You don’t want to miss:

  • Crafting the words and forms of appreciation and recognition that connect to the receiver
  • Start your “receiving-feedback habit” to stop discounting positive feedback
  • The self-leadership you can use to prepare yourself to either give or receive feedback
  • Pacing feedback with questions and conversation to get the most out of the information
  • Building relational equity so the feedback becomes a useful gift to the receiver
  • Leveraging the power of ALL three kinds of feedback in our conversations: 

Appreciation: Recognition and affirmation for contributions

Coaching: Questions and dialogue to explore potential

Evaluation: Evaluating against a standard so people know where they stand


PLUS, that dreaded “needs improvement” conversation and how you can give and receive this feedback well


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Annie & Heidi


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