Season 2, Ep. 12 | Influential Conversations with Your Leader

podcast Apr 27, 2021

 How do you approach a necessary conversation with your leader? Does your pulse race or palms sweat just thinking about it? Initiating a significant conversation with your manager can feel scary and difficult unless you know how to prepare, guide, and finish it well. In today’s episode, we talk to Mary Stieber Reynhout, founder of Threshold, about how to be more persuasive, influential, and confident in the conversations that matter with your leader. 

You don’t want to miss:

  • The steps you must take to lead yourself well before you say a word.
  • Why knowing your manager’s work style, strengths, and preferences can make all the difference in navigating the conversation well.
  • The specific best practices to prepare for the conversation (hint: think BRIEF and to the point!) 
  • How to “land the plane” on the conversation and determine next steps that make both sides walk away feeling it was productive and effective.
  • The mindset with which to approach the conversation so that you are content with the outcome.


PLUS, What to do if you feel the conversation getting away from you and how to ask for a “do over.”

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Annie & Heidi


Connect with Mary:

Website: Threshold

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