Season 2, Ep. 3 | Embracing the Leader You Are

podcast Feb 23, 2021

As female leaders in ministry, we can sometimes negate relational or intuitive leadership strengths over strategic ones. Yet when we lead authentically with empathy and a soul care lens, we build strong relationships with our team and confidence in who God made us to be. In this episode, we talk to Tami Stordahl, a 26 year ministry veteran, about leading from these strengths while caring for yourself in the midst of the daily demands of leadership. 

You don’t want to miss:

  • How to trust your leadership if you don’t have strategic strengths.
  • Why leaning into mentorship is crucial for your leadership development - and how gender may play a lesser role than we think.
  • How to have a team conversation that includes space for intuition and strategic paths for effective decision making.
  • How to lead from empathy while taking care of yourself at the same time - and the lens through which this is most effective.
  • The keys to building confidence in your own leadership as you say yes to the opportunities you’re given.  

PLUS, why soul care is crucial to your longevity in ministry and practical ways to do this in everyday life. 


Links and resources:

  • Spiritual Disciples Handbook: Practices That Transform Us, Adele Calhoun 
  • The Soul of Shame, Curt Thompson
  • Wholeheartedness, Chuck DeGrout
  • Podcast:  Soul Care Conversations, Potters Inn


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