A podcast to help you get resourced, feel capable, and breathe easier

We believe we lead better when we lead side by side.

We connect busy female leaders to the practical resources they need for ministry today.

You need quick access to resources that work. We believe God has made every leader capable for the mission he has given. That’s why we give you access to leaders who share spiritual wisdom and tactical tools just for you!

Episode 1

What Busy Leaders Need Most

Life in ministry is amazing - when you’re not overwhelmed. And, a huge part of fighting the overwhelm is to reduce the busyness of your life.

In this inaugural episode, co-hosts Annie & Heidi talk about the ways female leaders can overcome busy so that they can continue to feel resourced, feel capable, and breathe easier for impact in ministry. 

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Episode 2

Thriving in Marriage & Ministry

Is it possible to have a healthy marriage and a healthy ministry? Or is it one at the expense of the other?

In this episode, we’re taking a closer look at this question through the lens of Joanne Thompson, a seasoned leader who’s spent nearly 50 years in ministry discovering the answers to this question. And how a DQ Buster Bar holds a clue! 

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Episode 3

Managing Your Mindset

When faced with a difficult situation or challenging opportunity, how do you react? We come to a situation with our own mindset -- we think our own thoughts and we forget to tune in to Christ's perspective.

Let’s find out from Kathleen Fischer how we can manage our mindset more effectively to find better solutions and perspective. 

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Episode 4

Reflecting Jesus in Conversations About Race 

How are you addressing issues of race in your church or ministry? Do you know what to say or are you stumbling for the right words?

In this episode, we’re taking a closer look at these questions and more with guidance of Chaneika Polk, an experienced ministry leader who's worn many hats in a multi-ethnic, multisite church for nearly a decade. 

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Episode 5

Permission to Make Mistakes

What draws you to a leader and inspires you to follow them? How do you know if you’ve got that as a leader? If you don’t have it yet, how do you get it? (hint: how you handle mistakes is a clue!)

In this episode, we talk about ways you can develop the “it-factor” that draws other people toward you with Jeannette Grace, author of G-Factor: 8 Secrets for Increasing Your Gravitational Pull at Work.

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Episode 6

Navigating Hard Seasons

Have you been knocked off balance navigating an unexpected or hard season? Did you see it coming or was it a slow simmer of "hard" that knocked you off your feet? If you're not in it now, you will be at some point. 

Get real with co-hosts Annie & Heidi in a transparent discussion about facing the reality of hard seasons and how navigating through them is an ongoing journey.

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Episode 7

Connecting Vision to Action

What’s your first instinct when when you hear the word “strategy?” Do you jump up and down with excitement or sprint in the opposite direction? In ministry, we sometimes forget that great vision and mission always needs a great strategy. 

In this episode, we talk with experienced strategist, Jennifer Fuller, to learn how to connect strategy to action and how leaders in ministry can be strategic, even if it’s not a natural talent.  

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Episode 8

Change is Messy in the Middle

Change is inevitable and sometimes tricky. We can get stuck in the messy middle. Change starts with an event that leaves us unprepared for the emotional response and journey to acceptance that is unique for everyone.

In this episode, leadership coach, Heidi Lewerenz, guides us through a proven framework that helps leaders navigate their change and emotions while leading others through, too.

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Episode 9

When Your Emotions Leak

Are leaky emotions getting in the way of you being all you can be as a leader? Do you know when and why you’re being mastered by them and how they show up in your interactions with those you lead?

In this episode, we talk to Amanda Cornelius, an experienced therapist and business leader who specializes in helping women and leaders live healthier lives. Learn to name and conquer the master of your emotions when it sneaks up on you.

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